Design Patterns in Ruby. Russ Olsen

Design Patterns in Ruby
ISBN: 0321490452,9780321490452 | 384 pages | 10 Mb

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Design Patterns in Ruby Russ Olsen
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman

Obsing I am going to be posting a few articles related to Software Design Patterns and how they are applicable to Ruby. Design Patterns: Template Method e Strategy em Ruby. Recommended if you're new to object-oriented design, or if you want to learn about some Ruby-specific design patterns, or if your coworkers quote heavily from this book. Last week, I wrote about the Singleton pattern in Ruby much like Rusty Divine did about Java/C#/.NET. So vist this free ebooks download links. I just finished reading Design Patterns in Ruby and think it is worth a mention even if you are a dedicated iPhone developer. In pursuit of my Master's degree, I had planned to take a course called “Object Oriented Languages and Systems” during the summer of 2012. Since his second entry was about the Observer pattern, I thought I'd write about its Ruby implementation. I've never read much on design patterns before. One of them is Design Patterns in Ruby by Russ Olsen. É interessante conhecer como outros programadores pensaram para solucionar casos que costumam se repetir durante o desenvolvimento de software. Strategy Pattern with Duck Typing: (From the book called Design Patterns in Ruby). The first two patterns that will be covered are the Observer Pattern and the Singleton Pattern. Net Design Patterns, Software design patterns, Python design patterns, C++ design patterns and ruby design patterns. A former colleague of mine used to say that thick books about design patterns were evidence of an inadequate programming language. Now that I'm done reading Geekonomics, I'm on to reading a few books in parallel.